A British Standard for Biodiversity

A British Standard for Biodiversity

Update June 2020 – the draft British Standard BS 8683 Process for designing and implementing Biodiversity Net Gain – Specification, setting out the requirements for the biodiversity net gain assessment process for all developments across the UK has been released – a full article on the key questions the draft standard raises can be found here:  Setting A Standard For Biodiversity Net Gain For Development


The emerging draft of BS42020 Biodiversity – Code of Practice for Planning and Development provides opportunities for improved consistency and objectivity across all professional ecologists involved in delivering advice on ecology matters in advance of and during the planning application process. The BS will apply to those working in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The detailed content, which is being drafted by a Technical Committee led by Mike Oxford and the British Standards Institute (BSI), was discussed in a stakeholder workshop on Monday 24 September, attended by Kirsty Kirkham, a Director at BSG Ecology. Also attending were representatives from industry, other ecological consultants, local authorities, statutory agencies, The Wildlife Trusts and other professions whose work is relevant to ecology. These included construction, architecture and arboriculture professionals.

The draft BS is necessarily detailed; particularly important sections to review include pre-application discussion requirements, ecological reporting, post development monitoring requirements, model planning conditions and the various annexes that provide a pro-forma based approach to recording biodiversity losses and gains.

For further information contact Kirsty Kirkham at our Derbyshire office. Kirsty represents BSG Ecology on the Technical Committee that is preparing BS42020.

Derbyshire: 01433 651869

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