Natura 2000 post Brexit in the UK – Challenges and Opportunities

Natura 2000 post Brexit in the UK – Challenges and Opportunities

BSG Ecology Partners Kirsty Kirkham and Peter Shepherd have contributed an article on Natura 2000 post Brexit to the December 2016 edition of DTA Publications’ Habitats Regulations Assessment Journal.

The article, which can be accessed below, reviews the international agreements to which the UK is a signatory, and identifies our anticipated ongoing obligations in terms of biodiversity. In the coming years, irrespective of the outcome of Brexit, our international commitments will remain. These should require us to review whether existing legislation has driven a process of habitat and species protection that is resilient to climate change, whether some sites continue to effectively conserve the species for which they were designated (and should be removed or replaced), and how we continue to co-ordinate our effort to maintain our international sites series and ensure that these sites and the species dependant on them are not further isolated through habitat fragmentation and loss. Brexit may provide opportunities to incentivise agricultural land management measures that are positive for biodiversity, and the Government could identify mechanisms for delivery of concepts such as re-wilding and biodiversity offsetting or natural capital accounting which, in turn, may result in significant landscape-scale changes in land-use and management.

The DTA Habitats Regulations Assessment Journal is available as part of a subscription to the DTA Habitats Regulations Assessment handbook. Further information can be found here: DTA Publications

Natura 2000 post Brexit in the UK – Challenges and Opportunities?

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