David Stiles | Senior Ecologist | Derbyshire


David joined BSG Ecology in 2005. He has experience of working closely with a wide variety of clients, including utilities companies, multi-disciplinary consultancies, local authorities, government bodies, conservation organisations, developers and architects. David has a range of experience in seeing through small and large scale development projects from conception, through to gaining planning consent, and on to completion. He is highly capable in identifying ecological constraints and potential benefits and working with clients to find pragmatic and creative solutions to problems, drawing on a well-rounded knowledge of species and habitats and based on a sound understanding of nature conservation legislation and policy.

David is competent in an array of habitat and protected species survey techniques and assessments, including Phase 1 Habitat surveys and botanical surveys, and surveys for protected species, including bats, badger, great crested newt, otter, reptiles, water vole and white-clawed crayfish. He holds Natural England and Natural Resources Wales scientific survey licences for bats and great crested newt and has held in excess of sixty bat and great crested newt mitigation licences, gaining experience in a multitude of different development contexts affecting these European Protected Species. Bats have become a specialism and David particularly enjoys the challenge of helping to secure bat licenses in difficult circumstances. David also provides specialist advice on badgers and he has also worked on a number of successful badger mitigation projects for developments.

Derbyshire | 01433 651869