Owain Gabb | Director | Swansea

Owain Gabb

Owain has worked in the field of nature conservation since 1999, and in consultancy since 2003. Owain joined BSG Ecology in January 2010, working initially from the Oxford office. In March 2012, Owain led the expansion of the Welsh capability of BSG Ecology by setting up the Swansea office.

Owain is a specialist ornithologist and experienced all round ecologist. He has particular experience working with onshore renewable energy, the nuclear and construction sectors, and has managed nationally significant infrastructure projects. His role within BSG Ecology involves providing advice to developers and design teams, combining both his project management and ecological skills. He regularly reviews academic research that is relevant to the industry and is a frequent contributor to BSG Ecology’s News and Views page.

Owain has a strong background in field ornithology and has undertaken survey work in many different areas of the UK. This has resulted in a good understanding of the practicalities and limitations of various survey methods, and how they can be adapted to answer specific development-related questions. He has co-ordinated survey programs requiring extensive bat survey (including radio-tracking), badger-bait marking studies, large scale habitat management for reptiles and amphibians, and detailed vegetative survey of statutory sites of nature conservation interest.

Previous roles have included managing Special Protection Areas on behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage and the National Trust, and undertaking offshore and upland bird survey work for a small Edinburgh-based consultancy. Owain also has over 6 years of experience working for a multi-disciplinary consultancy (Entec UK Ltd).

Owain is a Fellow of The British Trust for Ornithology, an active ringer (A Permit Holder), and has travelled widely to study birds, marine and terrestrial mammals and the habitats that support them.

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